Elana Adler

You Are My Duchess

Brooklyn-based artist Elana Adler uses the traditional craft of an embroidery sampler to outline the crude things said to her by street harassers. The series is titled You Are My Duchess, and features small, decorative pieces of needlework (which historically feature bible stories or other imagery) that say some negative, disgusting things. Adler stores each saying in an elaborate frame, and writes in her artist statement:

This series of thirty-two (plus) samplers is intended to be provocative and evoke emotion. It is a contemporary feminist interpretation of women’s work and an objectification of my personal experience. Each captures a moment, giving these words a visual presence, a power, and a state of concreteness. These words were hurled casually and heard quickly but required hours of time-consuming, careful stitching.
The physically delicate, traditionally feminine, form of the piece engages the viewer and confronts him/ her with a sweetness that may mask its crassness and vulgarity.

dope art

sadly true

sadly true

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Léon Bonnat, The Barber of Suez, 1876



Léon Bonnat, The Barber of Suez, 1876


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Realest shit I ever seen



wow reminds of that moment when Will smith rejected a hug (or was it a kiss?)

sometimes jokes are too real to be funny and yet…

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Seriously though, is this a show or a movie? Because I want to watch it

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Baby fro fabulousness.

Awwwww! I just wanna get married and have chocolate babies tbh 😍

Lol @ the last comment, but can’t front about her being beauty

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I saw a cat today as I was walking to my car, it said ‘Miaou’ and I said ‘Hello’, then we both walked away.

I don’t know what it means yet, but I’m sure it means something, I just don’t know what yet.


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